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Trusting means peace of mind

Trusting your lawn to Designscapes will give you environmentally-friendly Turf Care. All you need to do is a minimum amount of maintenance such as watering, the rest will be ours!
We will give you effective tips and advice to make your lawn beautiful, safe and healthy.

Creating natural green spaces full of life and enjoyment.

A survey conducted shows that more pesticides are used on turf grass than on any other ornamental; however, homeowners and landscapers are becoming increasingly interested in organic and least-toxic Turf Care to eliminate pesticides from recreational areas; decrease susceptibility of turf to pests, diseases, and drought; reduce runoff and leaching of excess nutrients and pesticides into surface and ground waters; and enhance biodiversity in urban regions, which contributes to the conservation of species (Bellows, 2003).

Designscapes adopts that mindset and focuses on environmentally-sound lawn care with the goal of having a healthy landscape. Our definition of a healthy lawn is not only that it be beautiful to the eye but that it won’t harm you no matter how much time you spend enjoying it.

What do we offer?

From our list of services, you can see just how much turf is a part of one business. Turf Care just as the name implies is what we are about at Designscapes. Care begins during establishment of the lawn. Secondly, we maintain it weekly by mowing opposite directions if possible. Finally overseeing your turf monthly while servicing your turf from the programs listed below. Homeowners & businesses alike experience the benefits of opting for a one source provider.

Most Popular Turf Care Services We Offer

  • 9 Step Turf Care Program

  • 7 Step Turf Care Program

  • 5 Step Turf Care Program

Additional Turf Care Services Provided

  • Fungicides

  • Organic Turf Care

  • Tree & Shrub (Plant Health Care)

  • Mosquito, Flea & Tick Control

  • Lime

  • Soil Samples

Our goal is to provide an organic-based lawn care program that reduces the use of controlled materials (harsh chemicals) on your lawn that:

  • Helps the community achieve a greener and healthier neighborhood;

  • Nurtures plants to trap air pollution and provide the much needed oxygen we breathe;

  • Absorbs noise and serves as a natural air-conditioner;

  • Controls erosions as grass offers a cost-efficient control function;

  • Relieves stress and brightens up individual’s emotions;

  • Provides a safer landscape for sports and activities than artificial surfaces, offering greater cushion and flexibility;

  • Is a major factor to increase property’s market value.

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Other Services Offered

Pressure Washing

When it comes to choosing a power-washing company, you have many choices. While price is an important factor, you also want to hire an experienced company that has knowledgeable technicians whom you can trust.



Accent your property with a beautiful patio, drive, sidewalk, retaining wall, or firepit. We will handle everything from design concept to installation.


Commercial Snow & Ice Management

Our snow and ice management division is equipped with dependable heavy duty specialized equipment intended for snow and ice.

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