Landscape Lighting


Control the darkness

Extend your time outside for a couple of hours with Landscape lighting (Low Voltage LED).
Designscapes specializes in installing lighting for your home and your landscape to make it more elegant and classy that add effects to beautify your area during night time and increases your safety and security.

Landscape lighting is a factor that adds effect to turn your landscape from simple to decorated. The idea of a lighting plan can be complex but fear no more. Designscapes is here to assist you to achieve your desired landscape lighting in a cost-effective manner without compromising the quality and aesthetic appeal. Everything is highly planned and studied according to your preference to give your property an exquisite look.

Benefits of LED Lighting

  • Show Off. Enjoy the investment of your home and your landscape even after the sun goes down. Installing landscape lighting that emphasizes on the architecture of your home, landscaping, fountains or pool area will allow visitors, neighbors and vehicle traffic to appreciate your valuable property.

  • Safety. When paths, walks and entries are well lit this allows safe accessibility for visitors and family members that may visit. Landscape lighting is the remedy for any area of your property that may be covered in darkness. Professional installation at paths and walks will allow visitors and family members to safely find their way to and from while visiting your property.

  • Security. Landscape lighting installation on and around your property can deter break ins and vandalism. By uncovering darkness landscape lighting makes it difficult for intruders to access your property.


  • WiFi-Lighting controlled via app

  • Numerous Themes. For example: Christmas (Green & Red); Fourth of July (Red, White & Blue)

  • Zoning. Divide into or assign to a specific areas on where to light up. Example: Lighting just the walkways or the entire property with the same system.

  • Service Contracts (2, 3 or 5 Visit Plans)

Landscape Lighting Services

  • Installation

  • Maintenance

  • Troubleshooting

  • Upgrades

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