Tree Service


Trees are friends, so let’s take good care of them

We can make your outdoor space look beautiful and healthy!

On every job we always recycle as much waste as possible.

Whatever concerns you may be experiencing about your trees, we can assist you. Our crew leaders have more than 20 years of experience in the tree industry and we have a certified arborist on staff ready to provide for all your tree care needs.

Trees are essential to beautify your property and will take its aesthetics to the next level. In addition, it is beneficial to both human and environmental health that cools your property by providing shade, slows down water evaporation from dry lawns, and reduces runoff into storm drains.

Does your property have enough trees around? Do you want to embrace a new aesthetic with human and environmental advantage? We got your back. Designscapes is ready to assist you and give our full potential service.

Our Tree Services

  • Planting. Our team help selects the best type of trees that are appropriate for your property. Adding and replacing is covered in our services depending on what is essential to your lawn and your preference.

  • Relocation. We cater tree relocation which will help you decide where to appropriately plant the existing tree that will help improve the appeal of your property.

  • Trimming & Pruning Maintenance. Our team supervises pruning for all ages and types of trees found at your property, including special purpose pruning as requested.

  • Tree Removal. This is our risky service, but the staff members who will be performing this are responsible to protect your property as well as themselves. Everything is professionally and safely performed with our industry's best practices.

  • Stump Removal Grinding. Our Stump Grinding service uses powerful machinery to clear removed trees without causing any harm to your property.

  • Emergency Services. Designscapes is alert and ready to serve you during emergency situations. Our staffs are prepared and trained for any urgent tree service you may need.


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