Sprinkler/Irrigation Repair & Maintenance


Our expert team can manage your lawn with weekly, monthly, and seasonal treatments to keep it healthy, vibrant, and full!

Bridgeville Lawn Maintenance & Mowing Services

Lawn maintenance services from designscapes are completely personalized to suit your property, budget, and expectations.  Families can enjoy a weed-free property that is perfect for playing or relaxing-without having to dedicate their weekends to care and maintenance.

Once you sign up for a comprehensive lawn care package through designscapes, you no longer have to worry about maintenance.  We'll prepare your lawn for the winter with a winter fertilizer and treatments so you can enjoy a beautiful lawn at the start of every spring.

designscapes Bridgeville Lawn Maintenance Services

Our lawn care teams take a scientific approach to carefully crafting a custom lawn maintenance plan for your property.  We'd be happy to give recommendations for your yard after our free, on-site consultation.

Maintenance ServiceS

We can handle all of your landscaping maintenance and help you achieve those beautiful landscape areas, with healthy plants and shrubs, as well as provide an effective irrigation plan for your property.  Our service includes:

  • Provide weekly, bi-weekly or monthly bed maintenance either chemically or manually.

  • Pruning services for all types of shrubbery including crepe myrtles, hydrangeas and roses, etc..

  • Leaf Removal

  • Spring and Fall Clean ups

  • Add new or refresh mulch (brown or black) pre-emergent weed treatments for your landscape beds

  • Seasonal plantings in the spring or fall to include wax begonias, vinca, pansies, etc..


Having healthy soil is the key to nurturing a beautiful lawn and landscape areas.  Our team will rejuvenate the soil using designscapes professional care and organic composts program.  With this extra level of care, your lawn and landscape areas can grow stronger, deeper roots.


Our aerating services remove cores of tightly compacted soil from your lawn, so the soil can expand, and your grass can breathe.  This essential step gives your lawn the best advantage for healthy growth every year.


Patchy lawns aren't just unattractive: they can invite pests, weeds and erosion, which can upset the balance of your home's lawn and landscaping.  We seed our customers lawns to create a thick layer of turf over every square foot of lawn.  We use a custom CERTIFIED seed blend for our customer properties to ensure a beautiful thick lawn!

Lawn Mowing Services in Bridgeville, DE

Are you looking to be the envy of the neighborhood?  We have you covered.  We ONLY provide weekly lawn mowing services to keep your lawn in tip-top shape.  Our teams will arrive, take care of business, and blow away any and all clippings,  so your lawn will always have a crisp, green, manicured look the entire growing season!

  • We'll always return your call or text within one business day!

  • Honesty, transparency, and respect are at the core of who we are.

  • Our team will periodically from time to time visit your property and create a detailed report.

  • 1-year replacement for any plantings with irrigation.

  • Outdoor Lighting 5-years "NO PASA NADA NO WORRIES WARRANTY"

  • Irrigation 1-year "NO PASA NADA NO WORRIES WARRANTY"

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Other Services Offered

Power Washing/ Soft Washing

Our skilled and professional team of techs are here and ready to go above and beyond your expectations. Providing power washing/soft washing for Bridgeville, DE that is affordable, effective and efficient.


PHC-Plant Health Care

Plant Health Care in Bridgeville, DE that focuses on the health and growth of plants, shrubs and trees. Proper prevention protects your investments from being taken over by insects, diseases, and day to day stresses.


Irrigation Repair & Maintenance

SAVING WATER! Our team of techs pride ourselves in providing repair and maintaining irrigation/sprinkler systems helping both our clients and our environment.


We'll make the exterior of your home and property beautiful!

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