Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why do irrigation heads get damaged?

A: Irrigation heads are designed to be concealed when not in use. If heads are old, worn out, etc. They may not entirely conceal themselves after operation. Depending on the cutting height of the mower they may be damaged while mowing. Damage may occur when tires run over heads, or come in contact with mower blades, or trimming/edging equipment. Please contact our irrigation team to repair any problematic irrigation heads.

Q: Do you mow when my lawn is wet? Why?

A: Unfortunately, conditions are not always perfect for your scheduled mow date. We ask home owners to monitor their lawns and not just irrigate every day. It goes hand in hand. We depend on the customer to adjust accordingly as the customer depends on designscapes to provide service each week. Please consider we are professionals with many hours of experience and professional equipment. Do we make mistakes? YES. Will we fix them? you can guarantee a YES to that as well. Please contact our office to repair any problems.

Q: Would you recommend bagging my lawn?

A: Bagging is typically a benefit to the maintenance company providing service. As this relieves some of the time needed to blow off hard surfaces after service. For the customer it lessens the THATCH that occurs in a lawn each season. Another benefit if the lawn has disease (fungus) this will allow it to recuperate faster than putting the affected clippings back onto the lawn.

Q: Does bagging my lawn cost more?

A: Yes, please consider the additional expense required in order to bag your lawn (Time, Travel to disposal site, and disposal fees.)

Q: Do I need to sign a contract?

A: Yes, think of it as insurance for both parties. This way expectations, scope of work and payment terms are described and agreed upon by both parties.

Q: How often do you bill?

A: Our billing cycle varies based on the type of client and services provided as noted below.

Daily/ Time of Service
  • Mowing (Residential)
  • TurfCare
  • BedCare
  • Pressure Washing/ Soft Washing (Residential)
  • Tree Work
  • Hardscaping
  • Sitework
  • Copy of Landscape Design
Monthly (30 Days)
  • Commercial Contract

Q: How do I pay you?

A: Cash, check, credit/debit cards are all acceptable methods of payment. All credit/debit card payments  carry a transaction convenience fee of 3%. We will bill your credit card in accordance with our payment terms.

Q: Do you charge a late fee?

A: Yes, a service charge of three percent (3%) per month, thirty-six percent (36%) per annum, or thirty-five dollars ($35.00) per month whichever is greater will be applied to all past due balances.