Designscapes, LLC provides commercial property maintenance to make our client’s property a preferable place to work and do business.

We value our clients, so we listen to their needs and ask the right questions to give security that they are in good hands and everything will be taken care of. We are equipped with experienced and experts service professionals and high-quality materials and machineries to ensure that our service is beyond expectations.

Our commercial services are:

  • Property Management
    • Playground Landscaping and Maintenance
    • Stormwater Management
    • Aquatic Weed Control
    • Turf Care
    • Industrial & Commercial Vegetation Management
    • Weed Control
    • Tree Service
  • Snow and Ice Management
  • Pressure Washing: Power and Soft Washing
  • Lawn Renovation
    • Aerating
    • Dethatching
    • Overseeding
    • Sod Installation

No matter how good and bad your situation is, how small or massive the services you need, Designscapes will serve you in a cost-effective manner without compromising the quality.

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