Control the rain

When Mother Nature doesn’t come through, you can still have a healthy and beautiful landscape with a professionally installed irrigation system.

Natural occurrence is beyond our control, but we can make up for this. Rain seldom falls specially during dry seasons. With that, proper irrigation is extremely important. Irrigation is the artificial application of water to soil, in the correct amount and frequency, for optimal soil infiltration and plant growth. To be effective soil type (sand, silt, clay), size of the area to be irrigated, water pressure and local conditions should be considered.

Designscapes can do it for you. Our team is highly effective in installing irrigation systems for your property. We ensure that the system is properly designed based on your preference with assessment on how it will be installed.

Benefits of Irrigation

  • Automatic. Set it and forget it for different times of the year. Installing irrigation will provide adequate water to create a healthy lawn and landscape. Weather updates as well as sensors can notify your system as to when to shut down completely or add or subtract from your existing programs.

  • Consistent. Enjoy the investment of your lawn and your landscape even when there is a drought. A well-designed and maintained system will limit wasting water. Our knowledgeable tech’s can adjust individual sprinklers, zones or controllers to eliminate water waste. In return, saving our customers money and lessening wear and tear on their system by concentrating water on your lawn and landscape.


  • WiFi-Irrigation control

  • Monitoring

  • Service Contracts (2, 3 or 5 Visit Plans)

Irrigation Services

  • Installation. Designscapes will install an irrigation system to your lawn. By installing an irrigation system, it releases you from the cost of work in watering your lawn and you can save your energy and time to do other things. Our team are experts on how to install an irrigation system without damaging your lawn.

  • Spring Start Ups. Season changes. Designscapes provides Spring Start Up services to prime the main line, verify operation at each zone, adjust the heads, check for leaks, test the controller, calibrate the run times, and identify any needed repairs for your irrigation system to get you ready for the spring time.

  • Fall Shutdown. Winters do come yearly but don’t worry, Designscapes will help you. We will get your irrigation system prepared for this season by blowing out the heads, valves and lateral lines using a compressor before a freezing temperature and shutdown your system.

  • Maintenance. Our experts will monitor your system from time to time to ensure that it is still in the right condition. This is to ensure that your system will continue to work properly and to prevent severe damage to your system.

  • Trouble Shooting. Using our constant monitoring of your system, our team will do the repair once we have spotted a problem in your irrigation system (due to heavy duty, length of service or some other factor). This troubleshooting will let your irrigation system work again like the first time you installed it.

  • Upgrades. The emergence of various mechanisms is continuous. Innovators do not settle for what is already done and continue to improve all mechanisms to support human’s daily living. Designscapes is always updated and do have the latest system to offer you. If you need to upgrade to a better irrigation system, we are ready to serve you!

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