Turf Care

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As the temperatures increases so does the height of your lawn and the possibility of weeds. That is unless of course you have a TurfCare plan. We understand not everyone wants a set plan, but the end goal is a beautiful lawn. Take advantage of our experience!


Our TurfCare team will meet with you and walk your lawn and discuss any issues you may have had in the past or anticipate this season. At the same time recommending any additional applications we think may benefit your lawn. Once we have a handle on your needs and share the same vision, our team will create a plan.

Typical plans we offer are:

5 Step TurfCare Program (Good)

7 Step TurfCare Program (Better)

9 Step TurfCare Program (Best)

Custom/Create your own- If you know what you want that’s great! Tell us what it is, and we will apply.


PRO TIP! Early application and timing are critical for weed prevention. Crabgrass is a problem for most lawns if treated early on this season and late fall (November) will provide less weeds the following season.

Opt for one source provider. We are ONE company that is full service so know that whether we mow, maintain or enhance your property we will be looking out for your best interest while servicing your lawn. We are excited to help you make your lawn beautiful and hassle free!

Contact the team at designscapes today and let's get started before you spend another season unhappy.