Snow and Ice Management


When snow starts to bother you, Designscapes will clear it for you!

Years of industry experience have taught us that there are certain basic services that most customers expect from their snow and ice management providers.
That is why we are driven to serve our customers using a pro-active approach to the winter season. Planning months in advance we ensure that we are fully prepared to not only manage the needs of your site, but to do it safely and reliably.
Will it snow yes or no? In our area, winter weather is always a challenge and a safety concern before, during and after for patrons, visitors, employees and clients who may visit private residences, apartments, condominiums, medical offices, city parks, and rehabilitation centers during winter months. As a property manager, the priority is to contract with a company that is dependable, responsible and capable to quickly and completely plow snow and prevent ice from sidewalks and parking areas on and around your property.

Commercial Snow & Ice Management Services

  • Per Event Programs: As needed basis (per storm or event)

  • Per Season Programs: 2–3 years agreement fixed price per month (the bill is always the same)

  • Sidewalk Snow & Ice Management: Plowing to provide foot traffic accessibility

  • Snow & Ice Relocation: Pile relocation to create less risk of freeze/thaw or to free up parking area

  • Snow & Ice Hauling: We contract with large dump trucks to haul away snow from contract site to an alternate location

  • Pre-Storm Service: Pre-Treat Services (Liquid Deicer)

  • Post-Storm Service: Salting/Ice Melt Services (Granular or Liquid)

  • Snow Staking



Peace of mind is a phone call or email away as our account managers are always available during a snow or ice event. Rest assure in the event of an accident, all records, logs and GPS reports are available to our clients for their use.


Working with a company that provides snow and ice management services for more than 20 years, you will be prepared regardless of the time a snow or ice event occurs. Because it is both of our livelihoods; yours to keep your property safe for patrons, visitors, employees and clients and ours to complete what is contracted.


We take a Zero Tolerance approach with all our properties unless our customers tell us differently. This ensures your employees are safe before, during & after a storm to service patrons, visitors, employees, and clients who may visit.
Snow and Ice removal for any commercial property is tough on equipment. Our trucks, equipment and spreaders are serviced prior, during and after a snow event. Ongoing service and maintenance minimizes breakdowns during a snow event. Our snow and ice management division are equipped with dependable heavy duty specialized equipment intended for snow and ice. Year-round trained staff as well as added personnel during an event allows multiple locations and or larger sites to be taken care of.
Experienced account managers will determine the specifics for equipment use on a per property basis. Perhaps your property is over several acres and is a mix of parking, walks, and loading areas. Our account manager would take the following approach:
  • Larger areas of property will be covered with our heavy-duty trucks with plows, skid-steer and or front-end loaders that are equipped with plows, pushers and buckets to move the bulk of snow away quickly.

  • Sidewalks will be covered with machines that make minimal noise at the same time powerful enough to plow sidewalks with actual sidewalk crews that will be used in the event our equipment is unable to reach areas.

  • After the storm we have your larger areas and your sidewalks covered with the equipment to spread salt and deicing products to avoid costly slips and falls.

Our snow and ice management service can save costs for your company or property. Consider the following costs when choosing to keep snow & ice management in house rather than hiring a professional snow & ice management company.
  • Property managers and owners won't have to invest in equipment

  • Pay your maintenance staff OT, additional workman’s comp or even possibly a claim for employees who are injured while performing snow & ice removal.

  • Equipment storage in the off-months.

  • Storage for salt & ice melt products.

  • Supply & demand and fluctuating costs of salt and ice melt

Our clients find hiring Designscapes for their snow and ice management company more cost effective in the long run.

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Commercial Snow & Ice Management

Our snow and ice management division is equipped with dependable heavy duty specialized equipment intended for snow and ice.

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