What determines your irrigation schedule?

  • Weather
  • Next door neighbor
  • Got it why not use it

When is the best time to water?

Our Irrigation Techs set our customers irrigation controllers to come on early in the morning. The size of your property or number of irrigation zones installed in your system will determine the length of time your irrigation system will remain on. For example, an 8-zone system running for a total of 15 minutes per zone we tend to start at 3 or 4 A.M. This allows the system to come on early enough for the water to effectively soak the soil prior to sun rise.

Evening watering

Use caution if watering in the evening as this will contribute to lawn disease. Only if you have a fungicide applied to your lawn or if you give your lawn enough time to dry prior to the sun going down would we recommend watering in the evening.

Repairs and Upgrades

Irrigation systems have come a long way since there creation. Irrigation controllers can now take advantage of local weather stations that can modify your system daily as weather change occurs. Leaving the guesswork out of when and how long to water. Sprinkler heads that accurately distribute water waste less water are now easily retrofitted into existing systems.


Our Irrigation Tech will meet with you and walk your lawn and discuss any issues you may have had in the past or anticipate this season. At the same time recommending any additional repairs or upgrades we think may benefit your lawn.

PRO TIP! Don't confuse start times for actual irrigation zones. Commonly this occurs, and customers irrigation systems continue to cycle. If this happens remove all start times and be sure to only enter one start time.

Opt for one source provider. We are ONE company that is full service so know that whether we mow, maintain or enhance your property we will be looking out for your best interest while servicing your lawn. We are excited to help you make your lawn beautiful and hassle free!

Contact the team at designscapes today and let's get started before you spend another season unhappy.